FMIS 6th Grade Leadership Committee

Anaconda Community Involvement, Inc is a proud sponsor of Fred Moody Intermediate school’s 6th grade leadership committee. One of our very dedicated board members, Mrs. Swanson, saw a need for leadership opportunities both inside and outside of her 6th grade classroom. She worked with peers, admin and students to develop what is now known as the 6th grade leadership committee. We are so excited to support and showcase the 6th grade leadership committee and their advisor, Mrs. Swanson.

Healthy lifestyle psa videos created by leadership committee students

These PSA videos were created by the leadership committee students. The students took time to write scripts, film, direct, edit, proof and put the finishing touches on each video. They did this all on their own with nothing but oversight from their advisor Mrs. Swanson! The students are hoping that these psa videos will be meaningful and will make a change within our community. The students were invited to a coffee hour and got to tell their story to our local reporters for both the local newspaper (The Leader) as well as the local news station (KXLF). The students were so excited to get their story out there and are hoping to create some buzz within the community.