established in the mid 1980s

Anaconda Community Intervention (ACI) is a federally funded nonprofit organization that works closely with various groups to reduce substance abuse and underage drinking in the community.

The organization originally started in the mid 1980’s after a series of tragedies affecting youth rocked our small community.

A group of local educators, ministerial association members, youth and adult probation officials, law enforcement, justice court, and high school student council members came together to address the issues of teen suicide, alcohol use, and drug use they were seeing.

Today, ACI consists of a coalition representing twelve different community sectors that strive to bring positivity into student’s lives.
Current methods for addressing these issues include chemical-free events for students, motivational speakers, leadership workshops, and general student involvement.

For almost three decades, ACI has been one of the top youth serving organizations in Anaconda.

Some of the specific activities we are partially responsible for include:

  • Red Ribbon Week Celebrations
  • Camp H2O
  • Anaconda Leadership Academy
  • Prom After Party
  • Sno Ball After Party
  • Holiday Movie for Anaconda Junior/Senior High School
  • Summer Outdoor Movies
  • And More!


To provide a means for the education of parents, students, teachers, and the community about chemical use, abuse, and dependency as well as creating an understanding of the purpose of prevention, intervention, treatment, and after care.


To develop an ongoing effort within the community to recognize and constructively address the community’s needs regarding drug and alcohol abuse.